… Wait wait! I have a question! Is it acceptable to wear a baseball cap on a conference above 30? I mean … why was Felix satisfied with a simply white shirt?

WTF are you talking «above 30» !?

… I am not drunk at all. I guess you haven’t been to the Eastern Design Conference, right?

Of course we have been there!

Hi! 🙂 from SEOUL

Heeeeellooo TO SEOUL!! Drink lots of Somaek for us! ❤️

You’re crazy!

Hey! I’m Shariar Kabir Johnny from Bangladesh. I’m self-taught Graphic Designer. And I love typefaces & typography as well. I just found this page super interesting. My first question is: Which font do you use for your “In The Shadow” poster?
(If you guys are okay with that) I love that font. Thanks in advance. Have fun!!!

Hey Johnny! Thanks! 🙂 Ahh, this one. I can not name you the font because it’s a font we designed especially for this project. And we never gave it a name!

Ciao from Italy! I love your works guys, supercool!

Ciao from Switzerland! We love pizza, supertasty!

Dear Studio Feixen,


Your website has been a joy, thank you!

Hello, I am an Italian student, my name is Gianmarco and I wanted to interview you to do a project. I chose you because you are my favorite company. The questions are:

1 How do you understand what a customer wants?
2 What is important for a project what we observe every day, the music we listen to and our experiences?
3 What are the projects that have made the company grow more?
4 What tips do you give to whom starting this business now?
5 Do you think it’s better to get noticed for your work technique or more for your ideas?

Thanks for listening to me

1 Ask
2 Everything
3 All of them
4 Start!
5 Both

Good evening, tomorrow I’ll show your website to my students

In our opinion you are a brilliant teacher Andrea

How do you create these interactions?