Hi! Is it possible to do a internship at Studio Feixen? I have to do an internship in year 3 of my study, I’m now in year 1. But you know the thing about internships, you gotta be fast! So my question is… What are your thoughts about internships and do you guys have interns in your studio?

Hello Jochem. Since we’re a small studio we do not offer internships all the time. But we have an intern right now. So just send us your portfolio when the time comes!

Hello! I’m doing a project on the influence of screen based technology on creative thinking and process. You guys are one of my favourite examples of the positive direction technology is taking the graphics industry. How do you see screen based technology changing the world of graphic design in the next ten years?

We believe that what will come after the screen will totally change the world!

Super super super cool! discovering your studio was like eating freshly baked bread with nutella! ❤️ I have just updated my website, I'd love if you could spare a minute to have a look! wish you a sunny day! ☼

We are honoured!

Hey folks! Fall in love with your works. Animated posters — pure magic! Awesome! Do you have any stickers pack?

Thanks Roma! Hahaha, nooo! Unfortunately not! But we should definitely write that on our to-do list!


Hello guys! You making nice arts! Can you advice books that did influenced you most?

Thanks! Oh, we already had this one. You can read it here.
(Right below the naked dancing plasticine figure)

Hi guys ! I’m searching an internship for the next year (between Aug. 2017 and May. 2018). I would love to work with you if it’s possible. I just graduated and it would be the best experience to start in your studio! Thx

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Your use of motion is spot on! Are you guys writing code for these moves or managing pushing keyframes around in aftereffects? *drool

Whatever needs to be done

Hi, I would love to work with you but already know your reply. And so … thank you anyway! 🙂


Love your work so much! Do you do the web development in-house too?

Hi Sarah. That depends on the size of the project. Are you talking about a particular one?

Did you guys ignore my request to have a look at my website cuz it is shit and I should face the horrible truth and open a taco shop in Finland?

Not at all. Okay, we think the headline text in the blue area is a little bit too small. And for a portfolio there are all too little projects on the website. Finally it’s sad that the «About» text is a movie and not an animation. Oh, and one last thing: If it ever happens that you open a taco shop, could you do that in Lucerne? That’s just what we needed!

Hi! I wanted to say that I really admire your fresh stuff which I think that gave us an example of what is coming with graphic design. Besides that… what did you used to create the “happy new year” poster? I thought about several softwares but really guys, give me my sleep time back!

Hey, I’m a graphic design student at Kingston uni, was just wondering what software you predominantly use for your animations?