Which program do you use for this 3D stuff? (I would really like to try out things with dat program)

Hi Jan! Hmm, we think we’re quite open when it comes to showing sketches and so on. And we try to answer all the questions. But with our work we really like to explore the limits of a program. And actually it makes us really happy if one is unable to say, how something was made. So I hope you’re not mad at us if we keep this as a secret.

So cool

I love your work! When do you accept interns?

If a portfolio blows us away!

Hallo super Sache dieser Chat. Wie habt ihr das gemacht?

Wir haben uns in die Matrix gehackt.


Sali Marc

Do you accept Interns from all over the world or are you looking for someone that’s local? I would love to apply for an internship opportunity with you, your work amazes me!

Thank you Vridhi! Nope, being local is not a criterion at all!

Hello, I’m working at Le Signe in France and as you know your poster for “Une Saison Graphique” has been selected for the International posters competition. I would like to have some details about your poster (composition, colors selection, animals…).
Kind regards 🙂

Julie Laalaj

And Congratulations! You’re work is very interesting and invigorating!