Hello guys! I LOVE the results you get!
I would like to know what programs you used to create the interactive poster Oto Nové Swiss.
Thank you so much!

Thanks Natura! No program was used there. That’s just code.

How did you make this “Talk” page? Would you be willing to drop some hints (or even send me some code)?

That would be a little bit too easy Tim, no?

Hey! I was in Antwerp for your talk. It was really inspiring and made me think a lot! Could you remind me the 3 titles of the bun part (A, B and C)? It would be so nice of you. Thank you!

Sure Nicolas, here you go:

Hi, hope you’re having a nice day! I was wondering for your posters for the theater of Luzern if you put posters on posters after printing or was it made on the computer? Thank you 🙂

Hi Elenwe. Since we wanted to set the exact position of every single poster we made it digitally 😉


Hi Esh

I was guessing if you read and reply all these messages and who does it.

And on who or what did you place your bet Jorge?

Did we win?

If yes, what is our prize?

(Thanks for answering! That was very visual, I like it.) By the way, I have to say that what you do is really cool. I was sincerely amazed when I came across your Instagram, it was basically what I wish to create, revelation! I’ll be direct: would you be interested in having an intern who studies graphic design with a focus on printing? I am planning to send you my portfolio very soon. Cheers!

You’re welcome Nicolas! Hmm, we’re mainly interested in having an intern with a nice portfolio. Who, as a person, is even nicer than his portfolio. We can’t make any promises before we saw some of your work. Looking forward to receiving it soon.

Hey guys, this website is using your work, probably without permission: https://readymag.com/u74151402/cmyk/3/
I’ll just leave this here…

We will take care of that. La famiglia ringrazia Hendrik.

Can you recommend a graphic design program/school?