Would love to work with you!!

Thanks Damarice. At the moment we’re not hiring. But this website will let you know, if the situation changes 😉

What can you tell about detours? Have you had experiences where things just went wrong but turned out to be a good experience?

Sure! *Insert smart and wise wordplay with «tour» and «detour» here*

Have you seen my appendix?

Yep. It’s gone

Isch zwor vespötet, abo de Vortrag am Fritigobed ide GBS, isch genial gsi. Merci viel
mol für’s Cho! ✌

Would love to work with you!!

Hey, as per everyone else. Love the work. Now thats out the way I was wandering how you got to where you are now? I am a third year graphic student about to graduate and not sure where is next. My feeling is to travel and find work somewhere in the world. Would be interesting to see how you did it. Cheers, Oli

Hey Oli. Hmm…let’s start using the words of Steve Jobs: «The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.» We would like to complete it with: And if you have found it do that together with the people who love the same!

Hey guys, is it possible to get the Future Islands poster that you designed for Südpol somewhere?

Hello Weichi. Why not! Okay, we will prepare it and place it in the shop. But it will take some time. You will receive a mail when it’s ready to buy, okay?

Hey thanks for the sound advice. Just need to find those people now.

You’re welcome Oli. Hey and travelling is one of the best ways to meet new people and above all to broaden one’s mind. So if you have the feeling to travel: Do it!

Which font do you use on your website? Amazing design btw.

Hey Jan. It’s a self-made sketch for a font we use

Tell us a secret! *do not insert a fun get-around-the-answer line*

Hey other Jan. Hahahaha, you’ve got me there. Okay…two years ago we were in Seoul because we were invited to give a workshop at the PaTI. At the evening we were celebrating a friends birthday. So we had a nice Korean barbecue on a rooftop. Unfortunately we locked ourselves out. Of course we drank way to much Somek. First we didn’t care about locking ourselves out because we still had enough to drink. But after some time we realised we can’t go to the toilet as well. The only pots we could find up there were the neighbours flowerpots…so…we…

Hoi. Danke für de Vortrag ade GBS!

Schön, dass du da warst Pascal!

Can I ask you a personal question? What’s your favorite color?

Hey Jonathan. Sure you can! But we can’t give you a simple answer. That depends on the season, the subject, our mood, the temperature outside and what we had for lunch. So this late afternoon it’s Pantone 1767 U.

You guys are really awesome! — from Beijing so far 😀

Thanks for the answer! I’ll be waiting for that mail

Hey, Could I see some bad design you guys did, so that I know your are human. 😛

Yeah sure. We collect all the stuff in this folder: Bad work

Hey 🙂 I love your work. Do you sell any posters? I would love to buy one. Thanks!

Hi Piotr. Yes! → Click here to buy happiness!

Hey I was wondering what program you use for your 3D-vector-looking motion work, it’s beautiful.

(hands clapping)

Okay Weichi, we’ve got something for you!
The Future Islands poster is now available in our shop:

Who is your favorite poster designer?

It’s completely impossible to name just one single person. And because we’re a little bit hungover we can’t think clear enough to make a complete list. So let’s limit to Switzerland and that would be our friends: Erich Brechbühl, Claudiabasel, Megi and Claudio of Hi, Larissa and Rosario of Kasper-Florio, Thuy-An and Xavier of Neo Neo, Ralph Schraivogel, Niklaus Troxler, Jonas Voegeli and Martin Woodtli.

How did you get so popular?

We slept our way to the top

Sir Sandalman disimension van Kernatelio

Yeah, whatever dude.

If the world was about to reset itself and you are given the chance to save an art piece (sculpture, poster, movie, building etc.) what would it be? And why? Viele Grüße aus Los Angeles x

Hello Sir, are you hiring?

Sir no Sir! At the moment we are not hiring. But if you have a kick-ass portfolio it’s never wrong to send it to us. So we will immediately think of you, if we’re looking for someone.

Your works give me a reason to live, thank you

Wow! Now that’s a compliment! But we hope you’ll find many more dear Marie

Hi guys, I really love the typography you use on the website. Is it custom made? If not, where did you get it? Thanks 🙂

Hi Isabela. Thanks! Yes, it’s custom-made but it will be available some day this year.

Hi guys! 😉

Hello lady

Hello Feixen! Do you take interns between June and July?

Hey Thomas. Actually we hope we will be on holiday and drinking fancy rainbow cocktails somewhere in the world during that period. So unfortunately not. We wish you all the best on your further search!

What does success look like to you?

Good question Gary! Hmm, we think being able to create something new everyday together with your friends. And having the privilege to call that your job.

❤️️ your work!!!!!