Hi from Porto

We’ve just been there two months ago!


Nice!!! Beautiful Leça da Palmeira public pool 🙂 Regards from 327 creative studio

Omg this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

Thanks Clara!



Who is Robert Bringhurst?

Was blackface really the best way to do the “Africa loves…” poster? Super disturbing.

We can absolutely understand you. But yes it was! The poster had to be disturbing because the theater play, which the poster was for, was disturbing and ignored moral limits. It was a theater play about post-colonial fantasies of omnipotence and European family structures.

Ok. I’m a huge fan of your studio’s work and being african american I just wanted to know your thought process. Thank you for responding.

You’re welcome Steven!


Hi Eduardo!

Could you name one typeface you really like and one graphic designer you really admire?

Oh it’s too early for this question darling

Have you ever tried a Tayto sandwich?

Hahaha, awesome! We didn’t know that there is a brand for that. We all made a lot of chips sandwiches for ourself already. But now we have to try the original one!


Have you ever tried a Kimchi?

Sure! It’s the best side dish to Gogigui. After Somek of course…

Are you a chat bot? Or a human?

Ho? And what are you? Santa Claus?


Hi from Indonesia.

Hi to Indonesia.


Sawasdee, from Bangkok!

Uhh Bangkok, nice! Would love to be there right now

Hey I’m on your site!

Congratulations Gary!

Such a beautiful website

Such a beautiful message

What tunes do you guys play in the studio. One artist…

Can you please stop asking for only one of a specific thing? Like one font, one designer, one musician, etc. Because we always have a huge fight in the office afterwards.

This is fantastic! Would love to meet you guys one day.

Your website is fantastic! Hahaha. Merry Christmas to you Stevie!


Hi Daniel

Nicely ripped by Mörko


Wo bin ich?

Still in this World Wide Web thing. But what’s audiogaming?

C’est quoi le numéro des cheveux du livre

Je comprends seulement gare

Forgive me for being late to this but CONGRATULATIONS on the new site, inspired as ever. Hope to meet you all in Paris.

Erik! Thank you so much! Hey what about coming to Lucerne if you’re already in Europe? Not sure about Paris yet. Because it’s again shortly before Weltformat. But you’re cordially invited!

Happy holidays from ASTRAL in Munich!

Hahaha, nice website! Is that you singing Paul?

So so cool


Hello Antoine