«Hi! I was at your conference in Luxembourg. Very inspiring. The ‹Lab.› part really talked to me a lot. How do you approach these graphical experiments? Do you give yourself themes, topics … basically, do you set frames or limits?
Thank you!»

Ahh yeah shit. We forgot about this question. How do we approach them? We just sit in front of our computers and start doing stuff. End of the story. No, there are no frames and limits. We carry around tons of ideas with us all the time. So we just do what we feel like that day!

Just found out about this chat platform. Best thing after NTS radio chatroom!

NTS radio chatroom? Ok, whatever!

Hi from London. Love your website, really inspiring!

Hi to London!

Hi, has anyone been to Berlin?

Anyone? Or one of us?

Hallo ihr zwei 🙂

Ich nutze eure coole Chatfunktion um euch mitzuteilen, dass Ihr vielleicht bald ein E-Mail von jemandem bekommt, der eure Arbeit super und sehr inspirierend findet.

To Do List:
☑ Studio Feixen vorgewarnt
☐ Einkaufen
☐ Zimmerpflanze umtopfen
☐ Textresearch für Typo Projekt
☐ Gitarre spielen

OK! (Viel Spass beim Gitarre spielen!)

Hey, is what would you say, she is 31, on the coach, smoking weed and chilling with her pug on friday evening? What a girl?

Hey guys — I attended a talk that you gave for DesignFriends in Luxembourg and was wondering if you have somewhere out there a video of a (similar) talk you gave before? I’d like to share it with my team, who couldn’t all attend the event at the time. Merci vorab!

Hey Vinz. Nice to hear from you. And we’re happy you liked it! But unfortunately we don’t have that …

Hi! Are you open for internships?

Yes Liam. The only condition is an amazing portfolio! 😉

Hey, I saw there will be an event (or something) organized by Eastern Design Conference [8-9 Nov in Košice(?)]!
Will you come? (I would be happy to see you again)

Well Petra, that’s a secret …

Inspired by so much of your work. Always wanted to visit Switzerland. I dream that every wall and open space is covered in beautiful examples of work – is this correct?

Hahhahhahahha, not yet Ryan! But we’re working on it! ❤️

How do you look at postmodernism? Do you label yourselves as postmodernist? Or post-postmodernist? Or something else entirely?

Never thought a second about postmodernism so far. And no plans to change that to be honest.

Guestbook. Much nice.

So innovative, right?

Hi from Indonesia! Constantly amazed by your work 😀

You’re in Indonesia? You better go surfing than spending time on our website Gifran!

… ok, i can keep secrets! I leave here my mail address like a decent person! 😀

Hi! Do you take graphic design interns from France ?

We totally don’t care about which country your from as long as your portfolio blows us away!

What would happen if I walk in one of the lessons of Felix at Fachklasse Grafik Luzern? Would you be angry? Would I be … bothering?
My behaviour can be excellent, I have to tell 🙂

Why did you move out of your office in Lucerne?!? 🙁

Hey Lukas. Because we moved into a new Studio with view over the lake!

Your stuff is super inspiring

Thanks for that Andrea.