Das ist 1 gutes Tool

What keeps you inspired?

Hello, I’m wondering why more and more design studios are using coding for visual design?

It’s fun!

Hello guys! I am Edoardo Compiani, a multidisciplinary graphic designer, I live in Lugano but I would like to move to Lucerne for a few years. I have been following your works for some time and I highly value your approach to the job and your always fresh ideas! I am sending you my portfolio website here in case you are hiring a graphic designer or if you are looking for someone to collaborate with! I wish you the best, Edo.

What is the velocity of a swallow?

Roughly 11 meters per second

My name is Jordan Hackworth. I will be showcasing my senior exhibition this winter and was wondering if you had an email I could send a virtual invite to.

That means, you really didn’t find an e-mail address on our website?

Merci pour cette bouffée d’air visuelle que vous nous offrez messieurs dames

Is it me you’re lookin for?

Hi Studio Feixen – Ihr seid toll! Gibt es irgend eine Information, die auf einer (fiktiven) E-Publikation über euch unbedingt drauf sein müsste? (Ist eine Aufgabe im Studium…)

Lela, danke! Here you go: Unsere Lieblingspizza in unserer eigenen Pizzeria ist die Pizza Veneta.

Bester Kaffee in Luzern?

Sicherlich einer mit kolumbianischen Kaffeebohnen