Hello ✌️

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


What about ur fashion project, Felix has posted something a while about that but I still can’t find anything, would be nice to know what are u up to guys!

Hey Martin! Nice question.

Nice answer! 🙂

We are working on it. In a few months we will launch our Lab. The fashion project is one part of it.

Ok great thanks Thank you for that clarification! Speak soon here, I will try to ask more tricky question.

I like the loading… gives you time for a cup of coffee. This is really nice.

@Märi: We have a bit of a traffic issue here at the moment…


Hey? Hello?

Huhu! Nice Site!

Huhu Jan ✌️ Thanks!


Drinking Champagne…

how cool is that, the german would say

Beautiful Work.

You are beautiful Bud!

Hej! Awesome new site! Do you offer internships right now?

Hey Fabian. Not right now, but maybe in the future. Just send us your portfolio to internship@studiofeixen.ch ❤️

Good stuff!

great relaunch!

Thanks Nelson! What about your website?

Will AFont be available through the lab?  

Yes! Exactly

This is porn to graphic designers.

Hahaha! So have fun with yourself and our website…

is that chatroom censored?