Nope! We’re ready for your dirty questions!

HEY! nice job !!!!!!!

Thanks Antoine, but please don’t waste all of our exclamation marks.

Hey guys, great Relaunch, awesome work! Just wanted to let you know that the Font sizes of your schedules in the about part are Mixed up when seen in moblie.

Oopsi. Thanks Martin! We will have a look at that tomorrow when we’re sober again.

slick & sweet relaunch ☼

Thank you dear Laura

The new website is

Yes..? Now we’re curious!

The new website is nicely done ☺︎

Uff, lucky us! Thanks!

Wonderful & straightfoward: I like it!

We like you!

Tipsy by prosecco and the site still stands straight up! hooray!

100 points for Mathis. Cheers buddy!



Irrésistible ! Novateur ! Magique ! Félicitation les gars !

Ehm…beaucoup beaucoup de merci de les baguettes dans nos cœurs ❤️

well done, dude. hope to see you at 33pt symposium this year at fh dortmund. invitation will follow. cheers & love. lars / slanted

Uhh, nice Lars! We love nothing more than invitation cards with a lot of confetti!


ecin ot klat ot uoy!

eht erusaelp si lla sruo allE!

rad relaunch, guys!

Feixen chat is the new whatsapp

I hate you, because everything you create is so beautiful that it makes me cry and I feel bad. Please stop doing great work! thanks