What is the meaning of life?

There is totally no meaning. So feel free to do whatever you want to! (Without hurting anyone)

Saluuuuuuuutttt !

Recommend design tutorials for intermediate designers?

I would say it depends strongly on what you want to learn. Designing in general? 😀 I don’t know if there is a tutorial for that … 😀

Hey guys ! Love your fonts but when I use your trial versions, I don’t have letters like “é” or “ê” (much used in french), if I buy your fonts, will I have these ?


Hey ! I love your work, I find it so inspirational and unique. Any chance you’re hiring ?

Hey Fran. Thanks for your compliment! Hmm, we’re always looking for incredibly talented people! Just send over your portfolio!

Hi guys, are you use to have students doing an internship in your studio?

No all of our interns are already finished with studying.

Did you accept internship?

Yes, we do. But only the most talented ones of course!

Was ist Kontext?

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

Hello! We are JOINTHECOOL – the creative collective and it’s a 5th year we dont have any web site ^) Do you maybe want to help us with it or know someone who does? Thx!

We love to help anyone with a big budget!

Lieblings Innenarchitekt oder Innenarchitektur Firma?

Studio Feixen

Ken dong hi

You got it

No Tony, we don’t.

Felix, people pronounce your last name falafel?

TikTok oder Twitch? Wenn ja, was sind die KPIs?

Dann nein.

Hallo, wir sind ein grosser Fan eurer Arbeit und würden euch gerne zu uns Einladen, Talk oder Workshop ist On.

Oh, hallo Joy!

Dein Name und eure Anfrage freuen uns sehr! Das würden wir sehr gerne machen!


nm, u?

Salut vous allez bien ?

Hay chumsch äch mau id Schule für Gestaltung in Bern für es Plakat Projekt zämä zmachä???

Sali Hansjörg, me gänd immer mal wieder Workshops wenns en spannendi Usgangslag isch unds ziitlich passt!

What makes Feixen so special?

We feel totally normal



Hello from Singapore

Hello to Singapore

Hello! Would you use coding in design?

Sure! We already did it many times.

What WP theme is your site?

WP Studio Feixen

Never thought of making video games?

Of course! Would be super cool!

Which is your favourite design studio? (SF excluded!)

We have so many friends which are doing amazing work! Wouldn’t be fair (and easy) to name only one. And before you ask: We’re too lazy to make a list with all of them ❤️

What Wix theme is your site?


This is the most genius feature ever on a designer website!! You guys are genius!!!!!!

Trying to order a poster but the Country ‘Ireland’ or ‘Republic Ireland’ option is not available? Can’t buy as a result… Any ideas?

Oh … Hmm, nope, no idea. We’ll have a closer look at that!

Hi! Is there any chance you guys would be looking for an intern this summer? I am a fourth year student at Penninghen in Paris and would love to discuss such an opportunity with you.

Hi Hélène! We hope you’re well. We’re always looking for talented interns with a focus in typography! Animation is also a plus factor. Feel free to send over your portfolio to internship(at)studiofeixen.ch

Does Studio Feixen create coherent design or nonsensical styling?

Step 1:

Take 1 ton of each.

Step 2: