Date November 21, 2022
Tags Animation Exhibition Poster 

The Museum of Design in Zurich asked us to design the campaign for an exhibition about the legendary Swiss designer Walter F. Haettenschweiler. We have opted for a colorful and form-loving design which deliberately moves in a humorous, almost sloppy manner in order to convey the versatile and often cheerful design of «Haetti».

Walter F. Haettenschweiler (1933–2014) is best-known as a designer of title fonts that are refreshingly different to the mainstream. While still training as a graphic designer during the 1950s he designed the legendary Schmalfette Grotesk, which was later to achieve cult status and was used as the Microsoft system type. The Lettera volumes, published jointly with Armin Haab and featuring their own as well as re-edited typeface designs by others, also achieved worldwide recognition. A passionate artist and collector, he earned his living with everyday graphics created in his “Studio for Advertising and Design” for companies in the Zug region as well as for national institutions. This show is the first ever presentation of the complete work of this charismatic Swiss designer.

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