Luzerner Theater

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Date September 9, 2016
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The Luzerner Theater is the only theater in Central Switzerland, which presents three different sectors of the performing arts (opera, plays and dance). Benedikt von Peter, the new director, brings a pure and fresh artistic vision into- and around the theater. The people, the program, as well as the corporate identity are changed.

The new program deals with the subject of new spaces, new perspectives, new feelings. Make art noticeable again! Thus, the theater should take place not only in the theater but also in churches, in factories or in the open street. The idea is to recede from effects and ornaments and to bring the focus back to the art of the performance.

Through intensive discussions and close co-operation with the director and his team we created a visual language, which is greatly reduced, yet playful. It provides endless possibilities for the theater to convey its contents.

We were committed to the overall art direction of the building. Consequently – despite the immense scope of design applications – it was especially important to us that everything came from a single source. Over the last year we turned the house upside down creatively. We rethought and reorganized everything: from furniture to poster systems, trailers, publications, letters, books, flyers, stickers, signaling, photographic language, website and umbrellas… even the ticket was redesigned.

We have an exciting year behind us and are already looking forward to an even more exciting one ahead.

Video and Photography:
Art Direction: Studio Feixen
Camera & Editing:
David Röthlisberger, Kevin Graber