MIT Technology Review

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Date August 1, 2015
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MIT Technology Review is a magazine published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Magazine was originally published in 1899 by MIT as a magazine for its own graduates. The relaunch of the magazine in 1998 led to an unprecedented success. Within a very short time, the shelf-life of the magazine was trebled. Today there are editions of the Technology Review in China, Germany and Italy.

From time to time the editors ask us for the cover design. For example, we have designed a cover for a very exciting report on the subject of private data on the Internet. We visualized this topic by showing a naked woman from behind, which is struggling to wipe the global cursors off her body. For the «Business Issue» we could’t decide which one to choose and we ended up with two of our proposals printed. One very technical design which plays with typography and statistics, and another design which follows the idea of the previous cover showing a cursor flying into space.