Nuits Sonores

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Date May 4, 2016
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Nuits sonores is a French festival dedicated to electronic, independent, visual and interactive cultures. It takes place every year around Ascension for 5 days and 5 nights in Lyon. Its goal is to highlight emblematic places of the city of Lyon, including streets, museums, industrial sites and more.

Lyon is completely transformed during the Nuits Sonores Festival. The streets of the entire city are vibrant and full of music, there are projections on the facades of buildings and young people enjoying life playfully turn everything upside down.

We see our work as a game. And we always try to develop a game that fits the occasion. We ask ourselves how the rules of the game affect the rules of our design. For the Nuits Sonores Festival, we have created our own Lego game of patterns and letters with which we can build Lyon the way we envision it. Just like the visitors of the festival shape Lyon the way they envision it: A city that is constantly changing and adapting along the rhythms and melodies of the music.