Traffic Design

Date October 2, 2022
Tags Art Signage 
About two years ago, Felix had his first driving school lessons and made a sketch of what the road signals looked like to him. Meanwhile, against all odds, he passed the car test and even crazier: Felix’s sketch became reality and can now be seen on a four-storey building in Gdynia, Poland. Soon after publishing the first sketch, the local multidisciplinary studio «Traffic Design», asked us to create a permanent intervention in the Gdynia area and made our dream reality – Painted on the wall and superimposed on giant metal sheets. Many, many thanks for the huge commitment from everyone involved: Monika, Jacek for the invitation, the whole organization and the great time in Gdynia. Andrzej, Łukasz, Nataliia, Paweł, Dominik, Klaudia, Sławek, Emil for painting and realizing the whole project. And Rafał Kołsut for the wonderful photographs!