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Date October 29, 2016
Tags Animation Book Identity Magazine Poster 
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Vlow! is a festival in the space between communication, design and architecture. It’s an international platform for education, encounter and networking. It deals with communication strategies in space and innovative work and cooperation processes. Participants are graphic designers and architects, scenographers, photographers, audio or video designers and managers from the areas of branding, marketing and advertising.

Ten minutes after Hans-Joachim Gögl, the director of the festival, entered our studio it was clear that we would work together. We liked his ambition to create a festival that breaks boundaries – a festival in which the speakers work together with the audience. Just a few weeks later we visited Hans Joachim Gögel in Bregenz. During a three-day workshop we closely collaborated with the curator and elaborated a visual presentation for the festival. The only design requirement we needed to meet was that the design language should inevitably follow the previous years. In line with the name Vlow! we decided on a concept that is in continuous motion: we designed an animated poster, a modular poster system that can be hung as a rapport, and lastly, an animation that’s displayed across the facade of the nearby Casino Bregenz.