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Date July 1, 2014
Tags Animation App Identity Poster Signage 

The Wanderlust is a cultural establishment in the center of Paris. It houses a restaurant, a music club, an open air cinema, a bar, and offers a variety of cultural activities like morning yoga training.

For the reopening in the summer of 2014, we developed a playful design concept which drew attention to itself with an illegal and, for the time, anonymous, colorful, poppy placarding throughout the city of Paris. Everywhere there were patterns, smiles, and arrows pointing in all directions. One could also say we were playing Tetris with our posters in Paris. In a second step, the action was largely resolved and the design was later applied to the house on signaling and all applications.

To simplify the handling of the countless applications, we developed a font family consisting of letters and patterns. Now, one didn’t have to design each poster by itself any more, but could let the computer simply generate them.