… Wait wait! I have a question! Is it acceptable to wear a baseball cap on a conference above 30? I mean … why was Felix satisfied with a simply white shirt?

WTF are you talking «above 30» !?

… I am not drunk at all. I guess you haven’t been to the Eastern Design Conference, right?

Of course we have been there!

Hi! 🙂 from SEOUL

Heeeeellooo TO SEOUL!! Drink lots of Somaek for us! ❤️

You’re crazy!

Hey! I’m Shariar Kabir Johnny from Bangladesh. I’m self-taught Graphic Designer. And I love typefaces & typography as well. I just found this page super interesting. My first question is: Which font do you use for your “In The Shadow” poster?
(If you guys are okay with that) I love that font. Thanks in advance. Have fun!!!

Hey Johnny! Thanks! 🙂 Ahh, this one. I can not name you the font because it’s a font we designed especially for this project. And we never gave it a name!

Ciao from Italy! I love your works guys, supercool!

Ciao from Switzerland! We love pizza, supertasty!

Dear Studio Feixen,


Your website has been a joy, thank you!

Hello, I am an Italian student, my name is Gianmarco and I wanted to interview you to do a project. I chose you because you are my favorite company. The questions are:

1 How do you understand what a customer wants?
2 What is important for a project what we observe every day, the music we listen to and our experiences?
3 What are the projects that have made the company grow more?
4 What tips do you give to whom starting this business now?
5 Do you think it’s better to get noticed for your work technique or more for your ideas?

Thanks for listening to me

1 Ask
2 Everything
3 All of them
4 Start!
5 Both

Good evening, tomorrow I’ll show your website to my students

In our opinion you are a brilliant teacher Andrea

How do you create these interactions?


Hi there! Is it possible to do an internship at Studio Feixen? Greetings from Germany ❤️

Of course! We’re always looking for talented people! If your portfolio is super amazing, let us have a look at it!

The Studio Feixen Lab. sign on the top right shakes when I hop my mouse on it. That shake gives me liiiiiiiiiife!

Ok Duan 😀

I love your work. What do you think about graphic design nowadays?

Faxen mit Feixen! Ich bin völlig vernarrt in eure Shorties. Animiert ihr die mit After Effects? Und generell eure 3D Sachen auf Postern und in Animationen … Benutzt ihr dafür Photoshop oder Cinema? Ich würde das auch wahnsinnig gern lernen und brauche Rat. Please …

Hey, quick question!
What is the format (mm) of your book “Neubad”? It’s super amazing!

Hey Charles. Thanks! It’s 162x229mm

Hey guys. What’s your opinion on onions?

They’re AMAZING!! I love the mild sweetness they have after you’ve cooked them slowly. Or even the nutty and caramel flavours which emerge when you cook them even longer!

What are your 5 favorite fonts at the moment? Getting into Typo at the moment …

We don’t even know the name of 5 fonts. Sorry.

See you soon in Luxembourg 🙂

See you tomorrow Patrick! Looking forward to finally find out where this country is!

Hi – love your work, thanks for being such an inspiration.

Hi Dima – thanks for being so nice.

I am almost finished with my media design bachelor. Do I start my own business or work in an agency?

How should we know what you want to do?

Hey Jungs, war gearde bei eurem Vortrag in Luxemburg. War super gut. Ich habe total vergessen euch zu fragen, ob es die Möglichkeit gibt ein paar Prints von euch zu bekommen? Grüße aus der ersten Reihe 😉

Hey Zwaddi! Dankeschön! Schön, dass du da warst 🙂 Wegen Umzug ist unser Shop zur Zeit leider geschlossen. Aber wir werden es dich wissen lassen, wenn er wieder online ist!

Don’t forget guys, it’s “Kachkéis” you gotta buy as a souvenir 😀

Of course not! We went to the biggest «Cactus» we could find. (Don’t ask about the lint roller …)

Hi! I was at your conference in Luxembourg. Very inspiring. The “Lab.” part really talked to me a lot. How do you approach these graphical experiments? Do you give yourself themes, topics … basically, do you set frames or limits?
Thank you!

Hello from Mexico. Thanks for doing what you do, it is inspiring:)

¡Hola Sofia! We would LOVE to be in Mexico right now! ❤️

Hi! I was just wondering if this is a chatbot or do you actually handpick all your gifs? 😛

Hey Estela! Not a chatbot at all! Finest Swiss handmade answers!

Hey, guys! Have you heard about James Altucher? Maybe you’ve even read something! What do you think about his “10 ideas a day” practice? Just interesting. (Sending good vibes your way❤️)

Nope, never heard of him before. Great hairstlye!

Avez-Vous une page shop?

Plus maintenant!

Grüezi! I love your work…

Your SSL-certificate of the Studio Feixen Lab. is not working as it should 🙂