Hello, kommt das Future Islands Poster eventuell nochmal zurück in den Shop?

Vorerst leider nicht. Sollte der Shop aber zurückkommen, werden wir es dich wissen lassen!


Sup! Sending fan love from NYC

Hey Girls!

Sending lots of love and hellos back to you!

Hallo liebes Feixen Team, ich bin gerade total unsicher, ob ich in der gestalterischen Richtung weiter machen soll und würde mich über ganz kurzes Feedback riesig freuen! Viele Grüsse an euch!

Ahh come on! Du weisst es doch!
PS Bis bald in Konstanz.

Macht Ihr auch CorporateDesign?

Klar! Wir machen Alles, wenn es sich für uns spannend anhört.

Hi I would like to buy a poster. I like so many it almost doesn’t matter which one. Is that possible?

Hahahahahah. Thanks Deborah! Unfortunately we’re to busy to run our shop right now. If at any point we decide to bring it back, we will let you know!

I’m an aspiring graphic designer who loves your work. It’s so beautiful and so meaningful, and how it relates to the history of design in such a compelling yet unique way…Do y’all teach anywhere? Or do y’all have interns?

Thaaanks Davis! Yes, for example at the Fachklasse Grafik in Luzern: or some workshops here and there. And yes again! We always have an intern. More information here: FAQ


YES! And we can’t wait to come over this summer!!


h e l l o

Hi guys! We are having a creative breakfast in our studio and we are looking at your website right now. Quite amazed!

Enjoy your meal!

When are you coming for Lunch?

Whenever we’re invited!

I’ve found out that it was you who made the poster for “The Pains of Being Pure at Heart” at Südpol. But I can’t find it on your website. Is it a mistake ?

Yep, a mistake on your part. Because it’s absolutely there: Click here!
(and then scroll down)

Thanks ❤️ Is it possible to buy it ?

Easy, I did nothing 😀

Unfortunately not Jérémy. We only have a few left for our archive.

See u in Hangzhou

HI from ArtEZ in Arnhem, Netherlands

HI from ArtEZ


Okay okay okay, calm down. We received it.


Next year we want you at Torino Graphic Days vol. 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello! I just found your website and I’m absolutely blown away by your work. I’m a freelance motion designer and would love to work with you guys sometime!

I love you

I can work for you forever :)))

What does inspire you or who is your inspiration?


Is there anywhere I can buy any of your Sudpol posters?

Grats aus der Nachbarschaft für den mitverdienten Cannes Löwen! 🙂

Yay! Dankeschön!

Hey there! I leave you my contact just in case you need some freelance motion graphics help. Thanks for your time. Keep on moving!

Hi there! Greeting from Argentina. Great work guys 🙂

Thank you for your kind message Horacio. But instead of typing you better cross your fingers for the Argentinean World Cup Team!

Guten Tag, Bonjour, Ciao, Salve, Hello from Sydney! I know you’re busy, but I just wanted to say if you ever decide to sell some prints again I’d love to support you guys and buy one too! Love your work!

Hey Emma! Ok, we would let you know about it! :*

Hallo zusammen. Tolle Arbeit, die ihr macht! Ist inspirierend. Danke. Lieb grüsst Gaudenz

Danke Gaudenz! Wir grüssen lieb zurück

Hi, is it just the two of you? I wonder where you get the time to design, animate or code all this AWESOME the stuff…

We’re a Two Man Army!