Sexy sexy

What do Swiss designers think of Trump?

Have you asked that to our search function? With question mark!

What is the best thing that happened to you today?

Already? Maybe morning coffee.

Come to Brazil!

Beautiful website guys. Looking forward to check out the Lab.

We would love to!

This is cool.

Yeah Popo, we also love samba.

What do you think of India?

Jungs, saucoole Arbeiten, extrem überzeugender Auftritt, WOW!

Danke Yves!

Come visit us at Cranbrook Academy of Art!

Hmm, nice school.

Hey! Last week we have updated our blog with one of your great works, hope you like it!

Oh, yes we do. Thanks!

This rules in so many ways! Monday = made

Now that’s a compliment Trudi!

Who is your favorite professional wrestler?


I love this chattool!

That Chet Faker poster is the bee’s knees. Please put it in your shop!

Okay Emma. → Here you go!

I totally missed your reply. I’ve actually just relaunched it after that, is that what you mean?

Hi Nelson. Yeah! Looking much better now! We especially love the rainbow poop.

Thanks 😉

Woot! Thanks a bunches 🙂

You are welcome!

Any advice for a graphic design student who miiiiiight be interested in some type design too? Do I just start? Classes? Software?

This is one of the most exciting things of the last times!

Just a test 🙂

What are you testing?

Can we steal this?

Steal what Daniel? The test? Not sure. Ask NP about that.

Any plans on releasing more südpol posters to your shop? (❤️ Nihls Frahm)

Nihls? Okay we should definitely work on the legibility of our posters…

Can someone shit on my chest?

Hello! I like this chatfunction, neat!


Yes? No? Maybe?

You forgot to ask for a date first Lisa.

As a basketball enthusiast and graphic designer I love your collaboration with Nike! great job guys, especially the James Poster.

Whats on the agenda today?

Working on a cover for the Wired magazine and on the design of the Luzerner Theater for the next season. And then definitely play a few games of ping-pong in the afternoon!

For a school assignment we were asked to design a poster in the style of another designer. I’m wondering what is your vision for designing a poster and how do you work to create one?

We have the vision of a really good poster with a double rainbow around it and flickering lens flare everywhere and then we work until we have a really good poster with a double rainbow around it, flickering lens flare everywhere and a marshmallow-feeling in our stomach. That’s it.

Parlez-vous français?

Bien sûr!