Very nice. Congrats.

Thanks Philip! Greetings from South-West.


Hello Felipe ✌️


Yo Nassim!


The work you do is the kind of work I aim to do – keep killing it!

Hey guys Loving this

Just checking out your site from the UK!

Matt ❤️ James ❤️ Dave ❤️ – Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hello from Greece, the land of philosophers and corrupted politicians. Great work

Hi! Nice to see that you’re coming to St. Gallen in January, it’s great!

Hi Jérôme. Thanks! We hope to see you there in January. And for everyone else, this is what he’s talking about:



Dudes, get a room.

Hello from Boston! I noticed the feature on FFF and had to come check out the site… absolutely phenomenal! Like nothing else out there. Keep it up!

High 5 to Boston Kenny!

Do a backflip!

Nothing easier than that.


Congratulation, super cool website.

I just found your amazing work: bravissimi! As you can see I’m Italian and I would like to work with you as a freelance illustrator. Can I send you a link with my portfolio?

Buongiorno Stefano! 1. Thanks! 2. Yes, you can send us your portfolio to

What’s the English translation of «Feixen»?

Hi Eamonn. Hmm, when I ask the internet it tells me: «to smirk». It also means something like «to stir things up» or «to needle someone». But in a way you only do with friends.

What’s your favourite font / type foundry? (Great Website by the way!!)

(Thanks!) Oh, how can you have one favourite font? But when it comes to type foundries it’s definitely our drinking buddies from Grilli Type!

If you had to shave an animal, armed only with a razor and your bare hands, what’s the biggest animal you could shave?

This summer I could easily shave my poodle. But I didn’t try any bigger animals since then…

Still at Alpineum with our newbie popa Mario!


Congratulations to daddy Mario! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️