Hello guys! I LOVE the results you get!
I would like to know what programs you used to create the interactive poster Oto Nové Swiss.
Thank you so much!

Thanks Natura! No program was used there. That’s just code.

How did you make this “Talk” page? Would you be willing to drop some hints (or even send me some code)?

That would be a little bit too easy Tim, no?

Hey! I was in Antwerp for your talk. It was really inspiring and made me think a lot! Could you remind me the 3 titles of the bun part (A, B and C)? It would be so nice of you. Thank you!

Sure Nicolas, here you go:

Hi, hope you’re having a nice day! I was wondering for your posters for the theater of Luzern if you put posters on posters after printing or was it made on the computer? Thank you 🙂

Hi Elenwe. Since we wanted to set the exact position of every single poster we made it digitally 😉


Hi Esh

I was guessing if you read and reply all these messages and who does it.

And on who or what did you place your bet Jorge?

Did we win?

If yes, what is our prize?

(Thanks for answering! That was very visual, I like it.) By the way, I have to say that what you do is really cool. I was sincerely amazed when I came across your Instagram, it was basically what I wish to create, revelation! I’ll be direct: would you be interested in having an intern who studies graphic design with a focus on printing? I am planning to send you my portfolio very soon. Cheers!

You’re welcome Nicolas! Hmm, we’re mainly interested in having an intern with a nice portfolio. Who, as a person, is even nicer than his portfolio. We can’t make any promises before we saw some of your work. Looking forward to receiving it soon.

Hey guys, this website is using your work, probably without permission: https://readymag.com/u74151402/cmyk/3/
I’ll just leave this here…

We will take care of that. La famiglia ringrazia Hendrik.

Can you recommend a graphic design program/school?

What is happiness ?


Can you give me the name of font that you use in this chat?

To be honest, we don’t have a name for it yet. Any suggestions?

Are you sleeping? Oder im Winterschlaf?

Yup! Gerade erst aufgewacht! Aber fühlt sich gut an.

Hey Yo!

Looking forward to Show & Tell next week!

Hi Andy. Yes! We too! 🙂

Hello from the UK! 🙂

Hello to the UK! 🙂

Hi from NYC! Just discovered your work <3

Thanks Bora!

1 Why do we need a password to see your website?
2 What’s the password?

Hi 🙂 I’m a university student from the US and wanted to say the new additions to the site are wonderful. Your work makes me very happy and inspires me. Do you know if there is any way that I could acquire a copy of the 20 minutes issue? I have not been able to find any online.

Hi Caleb. Uhm, since it was a daily newspaper, I think you can’t get them anymore. Everyone just throws it away at the end of the day 🙂

Howdy from Wilson, Wyoming! 😀

Howdy Lauren!

Wooow! It looks suuuper nice there!

Hi guys, Im currently making my portfolio for my uni appliactions and love the way you present your work. Can you give me any tips on how to present my posters and work in environments etc? Thank you!

Thanks Olivia! But actually you see exactly how we present our works on our website…no? That’s it! What could I tell you more? Wishing you all the best for your application!

Hey guys, I love your work. Thank you so much for inspiration!

Love your new site! Happy New Year 🙂

Artem, Shir, T H A N K ❤️ Y O U

Hello Studio Feixen,
My name is Alika and I’m a big fan of your studio. I’m a recent grad looking for an internship/cozy team to work with. If it’s all the same for you, I’ll drop by on Friday with a smile and my CV. If you’re in some way compelled (be either the smile OR the CV), you could also check out my portfolio.
Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey Alika. Thank you for your message and your interest! But to be honest we think your portfolio doesn’t fit so well to the works of our Studio. We really hope you can understand and wish you all the best on your further search.

Hallo ah beidi! Ich würd total gern wüse vo wo de Name Feixen herchunt, oder was er bedütet. Luege zu eui ufe im Grafikuniversum 😉

Hey mer send voll ned so riesig, muesch ned ueluege. Eifach grad uus Lisa. Gruess vo beidne.

I’ve seen your work all over the internet and finally I put a name on the pic! Great work ! Also this chat feature is the Bomb!!

Thanks! We also love to chat with you!

Hello! Love this portal, along with your website and work of course! I’m curious to know what is Studio Feixen Lab is about?

Hello Test

Hello! I love your design! I think my design style is so old. I want know more about what do you think and how do you think when you work. If I do design like this I think my client will can’t get it, It’s make me very confused, how to introduce the design to the client?

Felix, Im locked out please let me in. Hurry & bring edible supplies. See you soon,
your best bud Raph L

I just stopped by to say I love your super fresh style and thank you for it!