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Esch viel Post cho die Wuche. McDonald’s-Coupon zB. ❤️
Aber du meinsch wahrschindli öpis anders?

Jo han scho öppis anders gmeind, nämlich e Bewärbig, 270×330 mm, vor Uma, auso vo mir, hehehehe. Deswäge fragi nache. Will ih some Büro viu drunger u drüber geid.
Viel spass im MC 🙂

Ich luege grad nomol noche. Aber me melded eus denn persönlich bi dir per Mail. Schöne Obe Uma!

Wieder mal seit langem eine Reise ins Feixen Land gemacht. Hier würde ich gerne bleiben. Es ist einfach genial und wird jedes Mal besser

Hallo Hita! Hahahaha, kannst gerne noch ein bisschen bleiben. Hat genügend Platz für Alle! Vielen Dank fürs tolle Kompliment. Das freut uns wirklich sehr! Vor allem von einem wiederkehrenden Besucher!

Hi! I’d love to learn next to you, working hand by hand, about design. Would you like to have some intern working and learning with you? 🙂

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Coole Socke. Danke glichfalls xoxo

Sache* (Autokorrektur, pardon)

Hi! I really love your work especially with Nike. Is there any way I could get a few of those campaigns to print out and hang around my apartment? Thanks!

Hey Santiago! Thank you! Unfortunately we only have a few copies left we need for our archive. But I’ll let you know once we decide to reprint them!

Whoop whoop
Is da sound of da police


You are nice Matty!

How’s the Studio Feixen Lab project coming along?

Hola soy Carmela

Hola Carmela, ¿cómo estás?

Hi Love your work, would really like to buy a few of your posters. Please do let em know if you decide to reprint them as I’ll definitely put an order in. Many thanks Paul

Thanks Paul! Okay, we will do so.

Oh hi there!
I would love to send you a little letter, old school style, who shall I adress it to?

Oh, that’s very kind of you Theo! Our address is:

Studio Feixen
Winkelriedstr. 32
6003 Luzern

We really hope we won’t be as shocked as the guy in the GIF…

Just letting you guys know my teachers made me do a presentation on you. I hope I read enough about you and got you guys right so I won’t say bulls**t tomorrow in class. ^^

Anyway, amazing work, I hope following the advice you give in your presentations on how to work will help me in the future.

Seems like you’re having an amazing teacher! ❤️ But don’t worry. We’re also fine with bullshit.

So how was your presentation yesterday Morgane?

Hi guys how do you get rid of painful adult pimples? Thanks.


Hey guys, how do you even get in contact with these brands? Like who are the people that you actually talk to to get these AMAZING projects? Just seems a bit sci-fi to me.

With the power of the interwebs, Leart!

Hey 😀 Ist es möglich bei euch eine Ausbildung zu machen, bzw. auch erst Mal ein Praktikum ?

Praktika sind immer möglich. 1. Schritt dazu ist natürlich ein supertolles Portfolio. Wir freuen uns darauf! 🙂

mo money, mo problems hm?


Hey Nicolas

Como estás?

Bien, bien, ¿y tú?

Hey there!

Hey Till

Is this real?

Hello! Who is there?


Hello! Someone there?

Hello Emma!

Sorry for not replying. But we were busy hunting eggs!

Sorry I didn’t see the three messages. Was your hunt successful?

Yes of course! Otherwise we wouldn’t be back at work yet!

Restock on Wildbirds and Peacedrums possible anytime in the future? Love the work you do.

Hey Jacob. Thanks! Unfortunately not. There are just too many Südpol posters to have them all in stock…