Grazie tante, cara!

Nice jobs 😉

Nice site! we are salivating over your responsive HI/HEY/HELLO header. V cool.

This is a great idea!

I’m hungry

What about a bacon sandwich with bacon and bacon bacon?

Guys! I’m really hungry! Let’s have some lunch!

Yes! Rainbow cake?


Quick question… is this the greatest website ever?

Pfüpfis, I’m comin’ over for a coffee, you there?

Hey Cuddly-Wuddly! We have a meeting from 3pm until 6pm. Coffee before or beer afterwards?

beer later then!


LOVE YOUR WORK! Fresh like opening a can of Coke!

Ka-Click Pop Ksshhhh…

What is the probability that a truck and a butterfly fall in love?

How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real?

There are two brothers, the older is 10 years old and the other one is half the age of the older. When the older is 100 years old, how old will be the other brother?

More beers in Lima!

Yeees! Would be great Andrés!

Sinn des Lebens?

Oh Mann… Liebe?

Hi! How are you?

Pretty good, thanks!

Congrats guys!!!

Love your work so much!!!

Are you Siri?

Siri? No. She’s a friend of mine. Kind of friend…I mean…we were dating once. I was sooo in love! I really thought this is something special. But…she didn’t feel the same…She just couldn’t stop chatting with every single guy talking to her! I couldn’t stand that. It didn’t work with us…Trying to get over her…Hmm…I think I’m going to buy a big chocolate cake now…only for myself…and potato chips…

I don’t understand you, Juan. Can you please repeat?

Go away Siri!

Was reimt sich auf Mönch?

Sorry Aaron, I’m too emotional to be poetic at the moment.

What is this place?

It is called: The World Wide Web

Looooooove yaaaaa! Favorite studio evaaa!!!